Often I hear people talking about how complicated life is and how difficult it is to get focused, and stay on course, moving forward towards their goal. I’ve noticed how we become enticed into programmes and seminars that promise to show us “Secret formulas for success” and the proliferation of get rich quick schemes and how we look at those we consider successful and wish we were more like them than ourselves, oblivious to the time and work most put into becoming a success.

For me it’s about not being seduced by the promise of a quick improbable result but rather I find it’s about building strong foundations for my business and my life that support me when I get distracted, when the going gets tough, – for me it’s about having a simple structure in business that acts as an anchor so when I’m are going off course, I get a tug that pulls me back on course, and I stop for a moment, realign and get going again.

I use similar structures working on my clients businesses and at the base of miworld I have 7 simple solutions that help me and my clients work towards operational excellence, and I’d like to share them with you.

  • Meet people – successful company owners spend a lot of their time in front of prospects and clients
  • Inspire others – let them see how much you enjoy what you do
  • Wake up early – get a head start on the competition
  • Organise tomorrow at the end of today – you’ll be off to a flying start in the morning.
  • Refrain from being enticed into other people’s drama.
  • Link today’s actions with tomorrow’s aims.
  • Do things you enjoy with the people you love outside of work

By having some anchor points of your own will help keep you on track, focused and heading towards success.

Use these ones or adapt them to suit your world.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


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