Ryan Falconer, Managing Director of Ryster

It’s not just religions that need converts – making a website pay is all about enticing the curious visitor into converting to an enthusiastic customer. Edinburgh web designer Ryster shows us how it’s done in 5 easy steps.

Design to Delight – It’s simple but worth saying – make your site well organised and nicely laid out with clear navigation. Good design keeps visitors on your site, and poor design sends them running. The best colours are those that are easy to look at and don’t detract from content. Fonts must first and foremost be easy to read, and follow a layout structure – random fonts in different places can look like they’ve happened by mistake. Images should be appropriately sizes and in focus.

Split Testing; not just for bananas – Google Content Experiments, formerly Website Optimizer, brings the power of split testing to the online masses. Essentially, it lets you compare two possible website elements to see which gets creates the most user engagement and conversions. So, if you had two logo headers but couldn’t decide which would be the most effective, you could run an A/B split test in which half of your visitors would see logo A, and half would see logo B. Content Experiments then reports back with the most effective option.

Try using a Live Chat Feature – Introducing a live chat function can help you get insight into users who visit your site but don’t really use it for your intended function. Ask them for feedback and see how you can help.

Usability Testing – Usability testing can mean anything from getting a few colleagues to try out the site, to more extensive testing with technology such as eye tracking software. However you do it, usability testing is a highly effective way to bring attention to those areas where visitors are getting knocked off the course to becoming fully-fledged customers.

Titillate with Titles – See what I did there? Titles, in copy, blog articles, logos and banners, are your chance to really grab visitor attention and keep them reading. Breaking content into sections and using a interesting title each time will keep even skim readers hooked on to your page long enough for you to guide them to that all-important sale-related call to action.

A specialist in web design in Edinburgh, digital agency Ryster go ga-ga over user-centered design. See how they’ve helped many brands convert visitors to customers at the Ryster testimonials page.

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