By Arthur Beverly of Arthur Beverly Financial Management

Successive Governments have worked hard to encourage people to make adequate provision for retirement, because they know that State Benefits are simply inadequate. Because of this, the onus of providing for our retirement is being placed fairly and squarely on our own shoulders and that of our Employers. Hence, the Government offers generous tax concessions to help people build up capital, via pension arrangements, that will provide vital income during retirement.

It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement and the truth is that the earlier you start to plan for retirement, the easier it will be to achieve the retirement income you want. You probably save on a regular basis for your annual holiday. But are your saving for the longest holiday you are going to have – your retirement!

As well a giving advice on how to go about starting a new pension, at Arthur Beverly Financial Management, we specialise in helping our clients put together a proper investment strategy for the money that they already have in their pension so that they can enjoy a more secure retirement.

When the time comes to draw your pension benefits, a number of attractive options exist, including a tax-free cash entitlement. Furthermore with modern pension plans, there is no longer the need to be forced into buying an annuity either. Depending on the monies available, more flexible ways can be found of generating an income from your pension in a way that your family doesn’t lose out if you die prematurely.

To show you what can be done to enhance the performance of your plan so you can achieve financial security, we have prepared an explanatory document called The Pension Performance Review – An Introduction to the Key Concepts

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